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Surface 2 supports wired ethernet in 8.1



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RTFM! lol

It's in the user manual for Surface2 with a note specific for RT so I'm sure it's a goer. All of a sudden Plugable dock is looking good;-)



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This is precisely where MS's problem lies - their right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. If the info is in the manual, then why the hell is their website describing the accessory not updated. This is more of an issue because they are saying effectively that with 8.1 the Ethernet capability is backward compatible. Bloody idiots!


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Hi K,
I only know what I read in the S2 manual see attached. I'm pleased they flicked the switch so to speak;-) The logistics for MS must be a nightmare I'm prepared to cut them some slack;-)


Connect Surface to a wired network
You can connect Surface to a wired network using the Surface Ethernet adapter.

Surface Ethernet Adapter Surface Ethernet Adapter
To use the Surface Ethernet Adapter with Surface RT you'll need to update to Windows RT 8.1 and check Windows Update.
The Surface Ethernet adapter is sold separately.


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It is probably not compatible because the the rt is not usb 3.0..
Actually I just looked the "New" manual for the Surface RT (the cover says with Windows 8.1) and it too says it can connect via an ethernet cable and has the link to MS's website for the adapter. Hmmm.
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