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Downloading my onenotes from Onedrive


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I use the Snipping Tool....I'm wondering if you've installed something that is disabling that function...


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What the hell could be disabling the function ? I dont think so.....but to make sure imma try to take a picture of the virtual keyboard for you to see.

Also i will take a pic of the installed software programs i have in the control panel.......

Can you tell me the name of this option that you posted on the first picture so i can google it and understand maybe why its not showing active for me ?

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Thanks it did help as i read it and i remove the physical keyboard and now it aparently seems to be working....

the ink to text in the one note desktop seems to be workin now which makes me much happier too jnjroach

Im still curious on one thing..... How do i set this desktop one note 2013 to be the default when i click my pen ?

i mean he has been prompting me when i open it to become the default one note, if i do that will it become also the pen default ?

PS - i think i found why it would not allow to use the handwriting, because i had the portuguese keyboard selecteded........ is it possible to get other languages packs like portuguese for him to learn and recognize ?

Thanks for your help man
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