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DP Port Daisy Chaining?

I have my SP3 working fine with a MiniDP to DP cable on a Dell U2713H monitor.

I want to add a second monitor, the one I have is a DVI monitor. I tried plugging a DVI to DP adapter into the U2713H DP out - however the SP3 never seems to acknowledge the adapter.

1) can one ever (irrespective of the SP3) plug an adapter like this into a DP chain?
2) if one can is it expected to work in this config?



You need display port 1.2 compliant monitors. On my Dell u2413, I had to go into the menu to enable display port 1.2 mode

Only Display port works, not dvi. My u2413 has a display port OUT port.

Alex Balcanquall

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Thanks, I enabled the DP1.2 port mode - that will save headaches down the road :) (and yes the DP to DVI adapter still doesn't work - just as you indicated, guess I need a second DP monitor....)


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No, but if you have a second DP 1.2 compliant monitor you will have no problem daisy chaining.
A DP 1.2 monitor is only required at the beginning and intermediary points along a daisy chain; there is no issue using a DP 1.1 monitor as the last node in the chain.