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Surface Pro 3 not detecting last monitor in daisy chain


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I am seeking advice on a possible solution to a daisy chain issue. I have a SP3 i7 256 8GB and the docking station. I am trying to run two Dell u2414h monitors daisy chained from the docking station.

My configuration is: from the dock, I'm using the Dell-supplied cable - mDP-out> to DP-in for the 1st external monitor. And the Dell-supplied cable - DP-out to mDP-in for the 2nd external monitor.

DP 1.2 is enabled in both monitors. Both monitors display right out the box.

When I look in Display > Screen Resolution and I select "Identify," the SP3 is seen as #1 and both external monitors are seen as #2.

In the Project settings on the SP3, it is set to "Extend."

Any feedback to get the last monitor in the chain detected? Also, is it possible for each screen to display a unique image?

Thanks in advance for any input/thoughts/suggestions.


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To update:

When I connect one external monitor to the SP3 device via mDP input and one external monitor to the dock via mDP input, the SP3 no longer can be used. All three screens flash from desktop image to black. The SP3 display will not stay on.

I have tried connecting each external monitor to the device itself and to the dock, and no configuration works.

Dell u2414h monitors are installed.


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That i7 SP3 should be capable of doing what your're attempting. You should be able to have the SP3 screen and the 2 monitors, all doing something different from each other.

The only thing I can really think of is to uninstall and reinstall the video driver.

If that doesn't help, then a refresh might be in order.

Someone else may chime in with some better advice!


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I have a similar configuration with two Lenovo LT2934z monitors, which works flawlessy. I do notice some differences in setup however, and after checking the u2414h manual, my suggestion would be as follows: Use miniDP-> miniDP from the SP3 dock to the first monitor and DP -> DP to daisy-chain to the second one. That is exactly how I set up my daisy-chaining and it works. Also try to use as short cables as possible. My setup was unstable when I used a 5ft cable from SP3 dock to screen 1, and stable when I changed that into a 2ft cable.

Also note: The SP3 dock miniDP is a replicated port. Even though officially according to Microsoft connecting one display to the dock port and one display to the on-board port should be possible, in reality it is very hit&miss. In fact, when in docked mode, connecting anything else but USB flash drives and Logitech nano-dongles screws up the SP3 behaviour .. Try for instance connecting an USB harddrive for fun and see what happens ... screens go to black as well :) So in general, try to avoid using the on-board DP and USB ports when you have the SP3 docked ! In parallel, Microsoft really should come up with firmware/driver updates that stabilize this behaviour.
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I know this is old topic.

Setup working in Windows 8.1
I have a SP3 i5/256GB with Dock and two Dell U2414H monitors in a daisy chain (Mini DP from dock to Full DP to fist monitor, then Full DP to Mini DP to the second monitor. DP is enabled on the first monitor and disabled on the second monitor).

Setup not working in Windows 10 (10074)
I am using the same dock and monitor setup, but now using a SP3 i7/256 and initially it was working and all of a sudden the second monitor does not work and if turned on neither of the monitors work.

I have tried to power down, unplug, reboot, restart, uninstall intel driver. Nothing.....
Yesterday I even did a completed wipe and reinstall of W10. It works for a time and then stops.

The current Intel HD Graphics 5000 driver is dated 2/18/2015 (v10.18.15.4124).
Dell display Manager originally was dated 9/19/2012 (v1.9.0.1265), then updated it to version v1.20.0.1450. (from their site)

I just checked the update history and System Firmware Update - ‎3/‎27/‎2015 was installed this morning.

anybody out there running Daisy Chaining monitors through SP3 dock running Windows 10?


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Does anyone know how to make use of the "elegant" external monitor configuration?

I fought problems like this for months with an SP3 i7 and a dock. My third monitor would not go beyond 1024 X 768 when it was the third monitor. If I had it first or second, no problem.

It turned out to be a cable issue - I had a 15' cable in my setup, replaced it with a 6', and it all started working properly.

It's a pain in the ... but I suggest trying some different cables.