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Dual Boot Surface pro 3 win 8.1 & Win 10


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has anyone done this.
I have a Surface pro 3 (256GB I7) and would like to use Win 10 Enterprise natively without loosing my existing Win 8.1 setup... its my main work computer.

I have used win 7 USB download tool to install win 10 E on a USB stick, but I can't get it to load.

Your help is very much appreciated



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My SP3 would only boot from a USB when I held the volume down button along with pressing the power button.


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There are some Windows 10 threads with some tips on getting things to work. Not to toot my own horn, but I also covered the USB drive in a blog post (short version: it has to be FAT32 formatted, not NTFS), here: http://www.thetechchat.com/2014/10/...0-preview-on-the-surface-pro-3-clean-install/
Many thanks ... it worked like a charm ..
can you also help installing it and booting from a VHD .. all that is missing before install I need to use shift+F10 to get CMD prompt to use DISKPART .. but I cannot get the CMD prompt ..
many thanks again


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I think some others have been successful in installing via VHD, perhaps they might be able to help.