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Setup dual boot on Surface Pro 3?


Next, you CANNOT just install a dual boot system on a UEFI BIOS device
This is not really true. I run Linux dual boot with secure boot on and it was simple. Windows 10 was simpler still. Please don't spread FUD.

Yes, I have been dual booting Win8 & Win10 TP on my SP3 since the first build.

This is the thing. I'd like to create two .VHDs (Win 8.1 and Win 10) - for Native boot on Surface Pro 3. There seems to be some issue getting Win 8.1 VHDs to work on Surface Pro 3 as pointed out here.
Surface Pro 3 Boot to VHD Native - Issues

Is there an Enterprise/ Admin guide that points to something different to be done for Surface Pro 3?

I've strayed from my path!
thanks to this guy here : http://blogs.msdn.com/b/cesardelato...ws-8-1-update-natively-from-a-vhdx-image.aspx
I've now used Nativ Boot on a .vhdx Virtual Drive.

so i can start Hyper-V an use a VM whenever i am on windows8.1 or i can simply restart and boot native directly into this .vhdx :)
Now if i only knew if it would be possible to clone a .vhdx drive into a real partition.....

but performance wise it seems to be doing pretty fine :)

Normal Windows 8.1
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Normal Windows 10 Tech Preview Booted from a .vhdx Virtual Harddisk
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Win10 Tech Preview Running in a Hyper-V VM on Windows 8.1
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the only bad thing is that you can't have Hyper-V running AND have connected Standby at the same time :(



I just got some bare bones Fresh Win 8.1 VHDs (Ent and Pro) booting on SPro3 via Native Boot. Pretty easy using DISM.

I also downloaded the latest SPro3 Driver/ FW packages (MSI and ZIP) and installed them. It gets WiFi working but doesnt get all the keys working the same way as existing install.

Is there someone who has installed Non-Win 10 (i.e. Win 8.1 Enterprise or Pro) OS to boot off partition or native boot off vhd on SPro3? And configured the drivers etc correctly?

Was there another thread where someone was fresh installing Win 8.1 Enterprise?
I have just gotten a Surface Pro 3 i5 256GB SSD 8GB RAM model. I would like to create a new partition to keep the Win 8 partition to 80GB and then use the remaining space for a second OS installation - I plan to put my workplace enterprise installation on it. That way, I can use the enterprise OS for work, and then use the consumer installation for personal stuff.

Other option would be to put a second, personal profile on a single OS installation, though I'll be having kids playing games on it etc. so preference would be to completely separate work and personal accounts.

I've gone into Disk Management via Control Panel and I see 4 partitions: 360MB Recovery partition; 200MB EFI partition; 5.08GB recovery partition; 232GB primary partition.

Clicking on the C: primary partition, I go to Shrink Volume and would normally expect to be able to specify size, but only have the option to shrink 583MB. It includes a note "You cannot shrink a volume beyond the point where any unmovable files are located". I have defragged the harddrive (or rather whatever Optimise does in the Disk Clean-Up tool).

Is there any way to get this setup working? And what would the consensus be - smart move to dual boot like this or no?

Not an answer to your question but have you thought about running your enterprise version of Windows in a VM instead of native install? That's probably how I would solve that particular problem. You'll loose Connected Standby with Hyper-V but you could install Virtualbox or VMware Workstation.
I chose Native boot VHD for that reason.

I did not use FUD, @ahooper did. I had to look it up.
I am not an IT person and cannot outline all the steps off the top of my head. I had lots of help, mostly on other thread of this forum.
Please do outline what you remember and the people/ sources of help you used?