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Dual boot to and external USB drive



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I appreciate your information on possible ways to make a bootable Windows 10 USB drive happen. After doing some research on both plans, I wouldn't be able to accomplish the task on my own, nor would most others. If it was filtered and boiled down to a list of steps along with links to files that would need to be downloaded, it might be possible & I would take on the challenge. For now I'll replace W8.1 on my SP2 Pro with W10P.

I read everything I can every morning about Surface 3 and W10P. I think MS is on track to get enterprises back on board & move past W7 Windows. When W10 gets released the Surface will provide compelling hardware for corporate travelers. It does now but they won't go for it in mass until W10 gets released. If they can bring out a model at a lower price, I think it will seal the deal for the large population that are buying Androids and iPads to buy a Surface instead.