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Docking station with external drives?

Arizona Willie

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I have a large desktop computer with 5 drives in it. 2 SSD and 3 older SATA disk drives.

Is there such a thing as an external box of some sort that a Dockng station could connect to that would allow me to replace this noisy desktop ( all those fans and water pump and fan ) with my Surface Pro and a docking station?

I also have a NAS external drive and an external E-sata drive.

There is nowhere near enough storage on ANY model of SP to hold all the data and backups and archives I have on all these drives.

I would need some kind of external box that would hold six or seven drives and that would hook up to the Docking station.

The water pump and fan are just cooling the processor ( mostly ) and with the SP that wouldn't be needed.
That would eliminate some noise. A lot of the noise comes from vibration being transmitted to the wooden desk it sits on. If I could make it float in mid-air it would be lots quieter. :rolleyes:

But without some way to retain all my data drives it isn't practical to switch to using the SP in place of the desktop.

I know I have a lot of duplicates ... on purpose --- I've run into bad backups before ... mostly back in the days of backup cassette tapes. But when that happens it makes you paranoid.

I have never found a duplicate finding program that tells you which duplicates are safe to eliminate. And we get duplicates even when we aren't trying because so many programs install their own version of many things such as .dll's. Often they are exactly the same but the programmers make their installation files install it without even checking to see if it is already present.