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dual monitor output without docking station?

cisco ciscon

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I have the docking station at home and I'm getting the another monitor shipped in. I dont wan't to buy another docking station nor carry one to work everyday ( I have two monitors at work). Anyways, do you guys think that I can get dual monitors without the docking station? Thanks !


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With the right DisplayPort 1.2 monitor you can Daisy Chain from first DP 1.2 monitor to a second monitor.

You can get an adapter that will connect from the DP to two monitors (DP, DVI, HDMI typically some may do VGA pfft).

You can get an adapter that will connect via USB to two monitors (typically DVI, HDMI or VGA) some new adapters may give you DisplayPort.

What kind of connections do your monitors have? DP 1.1 or 1.2? DVI?, HDMI?

cisco ciscon

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they are all vga monitors. I'm weary of the USB adapters. They gave us one here at work and it just doesnt work.



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Dual monitors to vga might work, or it might be problematic.

You will need a displayport hub and the displayport to vga adapters. I would not be surprised if you have issues connecting to these at times though. And you'll spend almost as much as the docking station costs.