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Max resolution for dual monitors with dock station.

chris kaminski

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Does anyone know what is max monitor resolution that Surface Pro 3 can drive using dock station and dual monitor setup? My internet search did not return definite answer. To be more specific, I am curious whether it is possible to run two 4K monitors of Surface Pro 3 with the dock station. Please let me know if anyone had a chance to run it successfully.


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Two 4k monitors?
I think not, Graphics output is what ever the i5/7U Series will support
This from Wikipedia:
"In a single external display mode over DisplayPort, the i5 and i7-based models also support a resolution of 3840×2160 at 30 Hz, known as 4K Ultra HD

This from Intel Graphics 4400/5000 documentation
U-Processors: 3200 x 2000 @60 Hz, 3840 x 2160 @30Hz

This article says a single 4k display.
You have 3 electrical channels, each capable of max 3200 x 2000 @60 Hz.
You can use two channels to drive one monitor using MST to drive half the screen with each channel.
You have two physical ports (one on the docking station, one on the SP3 device).
DP1.2 daisy chaining allows one port to carry multiple channels.

Some examples:
  • You could drive a DP1.2 MST 4k monitor using the port of the docking station, plus another <3200x2000 monitor using the port on the SP3, both at 60Hz.
  • You could drive 3 4k displays @ 30Hz (or some custom timing ~40Hz), using DP1.2 daisy chaining or an MST adapter.