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E-Mail App - FAIL


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Be careful with outlook.com. I had high hopes for it as I wanted to migrate away from Gmail. However, like many others I found out the hard way that outlook.com has many problems. First, it will only "reliably" accept about 1500 contacts, the rest of which will not sync. This is not a problem for me since I do not have that many but for many it is. For me the biggest issues are that outlook.com has a character limit in the contact's notes field of about 1250 characters so many of my Gmail notes get truncated. Also there is problems if you create a contact in Outlook 2013 that when it syncs to outlook.com the notes field is filled with HTML garbage even if there was nothing in the original notes field.

I realize all of these problems are with the contacts (now called People), and that you are referring to switching to email, but an email program is no good without a good contact list.

Wow! Thanks. I did not know that. I was just going by the USX of Outlook.com.


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Now I find there is no way to "empty" the junk mail folder. You have to manually delete each - individual - e-mail - message - one - at - a - time. GIVE ME A BREAK! Seriously!?!?!

You can select multiple mails by swiping them to the left or right and then you can delete all of them at once.


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What I found PROFOUNDLY disappointing in the default email app is the lack of support for INKING an email. Sure, there has been support for inking an email inside the desktop version of Outlook since the first tablets back in 2003, but geez! The Windows 8 tablet-style apps should be SHOWCASES for such features on the Surface.

Fix it, please!


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To those who are not aware, you can empty a folder by selecting it and then edge swipe down to reveal the app bar. Select folder options, empty folder.