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Electrical buzzing sound coming from my SP2


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I was in bed reading some news on my SP2 and noticed a faint electrical buzzing sort of sound coming from my SP2. I then put my ear to the rear of the SP2 and could hear the buzzing very clearly. I left it turned off (full shutdown) for a day then turned it back on but the buzzing is still there. Any one else noticed this with their SP2? Should I be worried? Would this sort of issue be covered under warranty? It was purchased from the MS store.
My SP2 does not buzz, but the charger does when I have something plugged into the USB port on the charger. The sound I hear is high pitch, and I believe it to be caused by a ceramic capacitor oscillating. Since it is only on the USB power of the adapter I've not done anything about it.

The only sounds I hear from my SP2 (besides the charger) is the fan when it turns on. If you're concerned you can always ask Microsoft.
I've heard something similar a couple of times on my Surface Pro. It's not happening enough for me to bother with a replacement... yet.
Does this buzz only happen when the battery is at 100%?
If yes you might have got one of the worst miss-effects of the december firmware update... it apperently caused for a couple of devices not to stop chargng when at 100%, resulting in buzzing and damaging the battery...
MS replaces those devices though.