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SP2 Warranty


I have seen some scattered posts on extended warranties not showing up under registered devices in the mysurfacesupport.com and wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this or if they have any recommendations. I just purchased an SP2 512 from the local MS Store with the warranty bundle. After registering it on mysurfacesupport.com it shows no extended warranty. After contacting all of MS the final action is to return to the store for a resolution. The receipt shows the purchase but it seems like its not tied to the serial number. Anyway, I will see what happens tonight. I don't have to turn on the SP2 to have the warranty active do I? Any feedback is welcome.



I got mine taken care of my chatting with MS. I exchanged my surface and the store did a return and repurchase of my extended warranty but when I registered my new device, the extended warranty did not show up.

The rep I chatted with asked me to email them a copy of the receipt then they created a case# that was elevated to the Surface Support Team. Then someone from the support team emailed me 2 days later and said he added the warranty onto my device and that I could see it on my online account.

The person at the store probably made a mistake on their system when they were entering your warranty info because the receipt shows no serial number or anything for the warranty. It just shows the amount you paid.


So I think I might have solved the problem, but I would love to hear from anyone if they have the same experience. I bought an SP1 on 4/13 with extended warranty. Normal timelines would show standard warranty until 4/15 with extended ACD until 4/15. This was true. Through a series of hardware failures I went to the store and had the SP1 replaced. The store clerk generated a new receipt on 2/14. Now with a completely different serial number the SP1 shows standard warranty of 4/15 with extended at 4/16 with ACD. The SP2 was purchased 4/14 with extended warranty. It shows standard warranty until 4/15 with extended to nothing. So I am going to try to go to the store tonight to ask these questions and if anyone wants to share their experience I would really enjoy hearing it.

1. If any SP without extended warranty gets replaced by a new unit through the store, does it create a brand new standard warranty from that replacement date?

2. If that same SP was purchased with extended warranty, dose it too reset by a replacement pushing the extended warranty forward?

3. If the standard warranty on a newly replaced unit automatically has a standard warranty that starts on the date of the replacement do you loose the extended warranty time?

What I think happened, and please correct me if I am wrong, is that the store placed the extended warranty on the SP1 and not the SP2. Makes sense. What is more interesting is that when I got the new replacement unit it appears as if I had purchased the unit for the first time. On the receipt it showed everything I had bought with the original one but with a date almost a year later. So I'm thinking maybe the extended warranty on the replacement SP1 was reinitialized to the replacement date receipt? Unfortunately I did not record what the extended warranty dates were before my new SP2 purchase. Support thinks that same thing happened and has requested me to go back to the store to remove the extended warranty from the SP1 to the SP2. Your thoughts?


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I have an SP1 and an SP2. A few months ago, I had to replace my SP2 (machine swap via Microsoft Support) and it had the Microsoft Complete extended support.

The swap process was a bit convoluted because they first shipped me a replacement but then we were able to find a store with SP2 stock that allowed me to do an over-the-counter swap. When all was said and done, I had 3 SPs in my registration: SP1, SP2 (store swap), and SP2 (shipped, which was returned-to-sender). In addition, my new SP2 did not have my Microsoft Complete support attached to it.

One call to Microsoft Support fixed all of the above so that I only had two devices registered and my replacement SP2 inherited my Microsoft Complete extended warranty. It didn't happen right away, though; I had to log the issue and the Answer Tech had to forward the request to another team. Within a couple of business days I received an email that all was taken care of and when I checked online, indeed, everything was correct.