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Erratic cursor with touchpad on Type cover


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Hello All! Experienced similar problems with my Surface. And like others, this happened only in specific locations, regardless whether the device was plugged in or not. I can also confirm that I'm experiencing what seems to be a grounding issue. After some experimenting with devices around me, I was able to work out a way in which to work comfortably without experiencing the issue.

These seem to be the only workarounds until a update/ upgraded keyboard is confirmed.

1) Detach Keyboard and update firmware

2) Move to a separate location to see of the problem persists. usually using the device on your lap will do.

3) Turn off nearby electronic devices one by one to see which effects the current grounding of the surface. (ie desktop, lamp, speakers etc)

This should solve the issue, for me it was my desk lamp which was somehow affecting the erratic cursor on my surface.

Best of Luck!


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Crazy problème... I have exactly the same.
While charging touch is erratic on a Surface Pro 3.
I unplug, it works...
I put a hand on the back of the device, it works...
Never had this before, so I guess I'll just go seat somewhere else and that will solve it... but weird problem!


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I have the same problem. I bought Surface Pro 128 GB from Microsoft store in June 2013 and fortunately I bought 2 years warranty. With the SP unplug, after using for awhile and the computer is quite warm, the curser began behave erratically, either I use a touch on the touch screen, pen, mouse pad on my type cover, or MS wedge mouse, On the desktop, I select only one icon, I obtain multiple selections. When I use PowerPoint, Word, or Excel I can not use curser to execute my command. I have to turn it off and select to on but problems still exist.
I am in Bangkok Thailand where there is not direct MS support, I call for help on the Technical support which is located in China. The support suggested to me to have the Surface Pro changed, I have it changed by mail when I got the new one, I still get the problems. I have it change again for the second time, the machine still have the problem. Now I have it changed for the third time! The currier will pick my Surface Pro today. It seems like Microsoft does not care about this issue. MS technical department should look at this issue seriously and tries to find the solutions for the customers. My warranty will expire on June 2015. I will not recommend anyone to buy Microsoft Surface Pro.
I do hope that Microsoft I do not have to change for the fourth time.


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Hi, first time poster, just providing my experience with this.

I've only just purchased a 2nd hand Surface 3 for use at the office. When plugged into a powerpoint via the 13w charger it's fine, but the powerpoints sit very close to the desk so the USB cable coming out of the bottom of the charge gets bent. The powerboards on the desk also have USB ports, when plugged into these, the touchpad is sporadic.

I believe it's to do with interference with whatever power source you're using, or possibly a slight change in voltage/amps (not exactly sure how that all works exactly), but within a normal range that wouldn't raise alarms for electricians or devices in general.

I have another laptop at home (An Asus ROG) and had the same issues at home where the touchpad would do the exact same thing when plugged into powerpoints in our home. But it worked fine at my office powerpoints. We ended up having a friend who was an electrician go through our entire wiring system to look for any voltage or grounding issues. With no issues found, all power sources were within acceptable limits.

In both the surface and asus rog instance, the touchpad works fine while plugged in, if you ground it via your hand on one of the devices metal surfaces, so it appears to be a grounding issue?

It looks like it's an inherent issue of touchpads of recent as I've never seen this issue before and I can't even find much on the internet about it. From what I've heard, touchpads (at least recent ones) at technically wired via a USB interface, which could be part of the problem? Whereas older laptops had them wired via PS2 interface.


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Ok, I think I "might" have found the culprit. Seems to be possibly a grounding issue. I noticed the behaviour was changing when I had the kickstand open. It's worse when open. What is weird is that when I touch my finger to the back of the casing "under" the kickstand when it's open, the cursor becomes normal.

I saw a thread somewhere that mentioned potential grounding issues with the metal casing and charger and that if you touched your finger to the back of the casing under the kickstand that you could feel a very slight voltage. Pretty sure both of my units have this problem and it's affecting the cursor somehow.

Back to the MS store today I'm guessing. Microsoft is exchanging units that have this "ground" issue according to the thread so we'll see what happens. Thanks!
Thank you! I am having the exact same problem. The cursor jumps all over the place when I try to use the trackpad while my device is charging. But when I unplug it, the problem goes away. I am using a 3rd party charger. I was afraid I'd have to buy another charger, but then I saw this post and put my hand on the back of the tablet and the problem went away. Looks like I just need to get into the habit of holding the back of my tablet with my left hand whenever I am using the trackpad with my right hand and charging the device at the same time. As long as I don't have to walk and chew gum I think I can handle that. Ha ha!