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Surface Pro 4 Type Cover (Teal) touchpad cursor unresponsive


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Hi, I'm new to the forum. I turned my surface on this morning and the type cover touchpad wasn't as responsive as it was the night. I updated the surface last night. Let me describe what I've noticed. The touchpad was perfectly fine and I haven't had any problems since purchasing it. However, this morning, I noticed that the cursor on the screen wasn't moving as much. It still moved, but it seemed very limited. I was moving my finger and where I would normally get 5 inches of movement on the cursor, I got 5 centimeters. If anyone could help, I would be most grateful. Thank you.


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Your SP4 may be

1 - Pre-occupied with finalizing an update
2 - Connecting and disconnecting a device or SD card
3 - Updating OneDrive with big files on a slow connection
4 - Debris interfering with the keyboard connectors. Clean / blow.
5 - The SP4 not liking the color teal.

Check the first four. These may take care of themselves in a short time.

If not, try an absolute cold power down, then a reboot using both the power and volume-up buttons. Then Exit the UEFI menu.

If still no joy, try the reboot with the keyboard disconnected to isolate the problem. Then connect the keyboard.

Let us know.