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EU Charger for Surface Pro, will USB adapter for EU plug work?


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I could not find this in the forums so thought I'd ask. I am going to Europe in a couple of weeks and need an EU charger/plug so I can charge my Surface Pro while on vacation. I searched ebay, Newegg, Amazon and the ones I see will not arrive in time - they are coming from overseas. I do have a regular USB EU plug for my Nokia 920 which should work for my phone but it hasn't gotten here yet so I cannot test this. My question, do you think I could charge the Surface Pro via this USB charger?
If not, if any suggestions, please let me know.


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Short answer is no you cant charge a Surface via USB. It doesn't provide enough power. Your only real option is to get one from a store.

You didnt say where your going but I believe Staples and John Lewis sell the Surface here in the UK. But I cant guarantee that they sell the chargers separately though. On the plus side a RT charger will charge your Pro just fine. Just a lot slower.


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Thanks Omni. I am going to Budapest, Rovinj (Croatia) and then Venice. I'll keep checking around, may have to buy something over there. I hope not from the airport, too expensive!


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I will get this. Thank you so much, this should charge it perfectly and without the added expense. Thanks!!!
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