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Excel UserForms and Surface Pro


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By using an API I thought I had a solution to changing UserForm size automatically based on tablet orientation. Unfortunately the solution only works when the orientation (landscape - portrait) is changed manually, i.e. selecting one or the other through the control panel. It doesn't work when the orientation is changed by physically rotating the tablet.

So is there a way of accessing actions on a tablet so that they can trigger events in my VBA coding. APIs that work on my PC don't get triggered from actions on the tablet.

The specific tablet actions I would like to access are:

1. Tablet Rotation
I need to trigger an event to resize a UserForm when the tablet is rotated.

2. Scroll
UserForms do not scroll when a finger is moved up or down the main form. The finger has to be located on the scrollbar. I would like to detect when a finger is moved on the touch screen. I could then use this to trigger an event to scroll the form.

3. Virtual Keyboard
When a textbox is selected in a UserForm the virtual keyboard doesn't automatically appear, it has to be manually selected. Is there a way of detecting when an item on a tablet is selected for text entry.

I am using a Microsoft Surface Pro, Windows 8 and Office 2013.