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Surface Pro: screen rotation


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On two occasions the following happened on my Surface Pro: When using the Surface without the keyboard, the screen failed to rotate when I moved the Surface from horizontal to vertical. Also, when this happened, the on-screen keyboard failed to open so I was unable to enter my password. (I know I can click on the little circle on the left of the screen to open the Narrator which also has an on-screen keyboard).

In both instances, I then located the screen that controls screen rotation and, to my surprise, the appropriate box was selected indicating that screen rotation should have been operational. To "fix" this malfunction (for want of a more descriptive term), I unchecked the box, then accepted the change. I then closed that screen. I then reopened that screen, checked the screen rotation box and accepted that change. This succeeded in both instances in reactivating the screen rotation feature and also brought back the on-screen keyboard.

It seems to me that this is a software bug that Microsoft should fix in an update. I hope the right people read this post.
- Sheana
sometimes this happens when you remove the keyboard when the surface is in sleep mode. shut it down, attach the keyboard and turn it back on. i usually only remove the keyboard when the unit is on or off, not is sleep mode.
I tried every suggestion, as my surface pro was stick in landscape. I eventually tried the Microsoft malware tool on full scan. It found malware, removed it, and my rotate worked again