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Experience with drivers from Intel for SP3


So on my SP2 I always would update with the latest drivers from the intel site so I could disable the display saving technology garbage that made my screen flicker. My new SP3 doesn't have the screen flicker thanks goodness (woooo!!!). I decided to try this with the latest drivers from their website ( for my SP3. I used the zip file and just updated through device manager like I did with my SP2. Everything installed fine and it gave me the control center so I can adjust different profiles. Leaving the setting stock and only have the Modern IE running I noticed the back side seemed hotter. So before all of this Speccy showed the CPU at approximately 35c to 40c. After the intel driver update it shot up almost 55c consistently. I decided to roll back the video driver and now its back down to the 35c and 40c range with just Modern IE running. Just curious if anyone else has messed with this yet. I did it because I miss having the different power plan options via windows and was going to use the intel control panel profiles. Someone on these forums said that they got some of the windows power plan options back from windows update. I haven't seem this yet though.


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Intel Drivers downloaded directly from their site are reference drivers and on a non Connected Standby Enabled machine there wouldn't be an issue using them, but on devices like the SP3 I personally wouldn't use them as MS has modified heavily to work on this platform...


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Could someone help me with the SP3 supplied driver? What is the driver version number. Is the screenshot attached the current Microsoft supplied HD5000 driver.

The reason for my question is that I installed the Intel version, then decided to 'roll back' to the Microsoft SP3 version. Want to make sure I completed correctly.