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Extended Display / Dual Monitor = Slow Video


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Anytime I dock my SP3 into the MS Surface docking station or if I connect an HDMI cable directly from my TV or monitors to my SP3, videos run super slow, roughly at quarter speed and with no sound.

This happens when running local .avi, .mp4, etc... via Windows Media Player or the Windows 10 "Movie and TV" app. It also occurs when viewing html 5 video streams via YouTube or Flash Videos.

I've updated the video drivers via Intel's website but still having the problem. After researching this issue I haven't seen too many people complaining about it thus I wasn't sure if it's something specific to my setup or truly a SP3 and Windows 10 issue.

*Note - The only way I can get local video files (.avi, mp4, etc...) to run smoothly is by using VLC media player.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?


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Interesting. I used to run 2 external monitors (HDMI) from my MS dock with no issues. I now run one large external monitor (DP) with no issues...strange, but then again, we're talking computers, which I've always found strange in how they choose to work (or not)


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I am having a similar issue. Video is slow when the SP3 is docked. I tried changing out my HDMI cables, replacing the display port adapter, connecting to wireless, using a hard wire connection and all updates have been downloaded and installed. Any help would be appreciated.


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I uninstalled the current intel video driver and pnp monitor drivers, rebooted, reinstalled drivers and still not working properly. I also dropped the resolution, rebooted and still having the problem. I'm stumped why VLC player plays the video just fine (minus the audio) but nothing else does. Seems like a driver or resolution issue to me but stumped why not too many SP3 owners aren't experiencing this. Perhaps it's time to fdisk and install Win10 from scratch... #sigh


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I'm having the same problem after upgrading to W10. The setup is only a miniDP-HDMI converter and HDMI to a 27'' ASUS. Video will play correctly if I connect the external monitor, set it to "Use only external" and then reboot. Reconnecting it introduces the issue again, and so does setting it to "extend" or "duplicate".

I'm on latest insider build, all drivers up to date.

Edit: Thread on surface support forum:
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what I'd probably do before upgrading is scrape your current drivers that are working, upgrade the unit and roll back the drivers, see if that works.


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I did a reset to the latest build, so I'm running build 10532. All drivers updated through windows update. It's a while since I did a full reset, so it was time anyway.

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