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External Battery Pack for MS surface pro/pro2


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Whats up guys!

Been reading up on the forum since i got my sp2 for Christmas, i finally decided to sign up, you guys are full of info!

I love my sp2, i use it alot for light gaming on the go as well as for work, ive been looking at the powercover since the battery dies fast in gaming as a solution, but so far the powercover seems to be a let down : ( no backlit keys, touchpad kinda sucks like the type 2 cover i already own ( i use the bt arc surface instead )

anyways, there are no external battery packs available i see, unless i missed something? what do you guys think of an external batterypack that would give about 2-3 hours of use, about the size of an iphone 4?

It would be designed to plug into the charger port and the external battery would continually charge the main battery until the external pack runs out of juice then the main battery would take over.... and the opposite, if ur running on the main batt, and it starts to die, the external pack can be plugged in to provide auxiliary power until they both die?

im thinking of designing this myself, i think the power supply is 12v/3.6a?, but does anyone know the internal battery specs?
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Touch pad doesn't suck. I find it's ok. gets some getting used to due to the texture but its fine. Had to adjust the speed to my liking and turn on Enhance Pointer Precision, but every touchpad requires adjusting. We all like our mouse differently.

Anyway, if you are going to have a keyboard in any case, why not the Power Cover. Unless you really can't work without being backlit.