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External Blu-Ray Player


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does anyone know if it is possible to use an external Blu-ray player/cd-burner with the surface? if so, what app would I use to?


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Not sure. I guess an external optical device like this should, in theory, be a fairly generic device and have some class drivers - however, if ArnoldC's advice is anything to go by, then we're out of luck ... which kinda sucks.

Certainly the concept of movie playback I don't expect to work, given Microsoft removed DVD playback in Windows 8, Blu-ray playback is unlikely either.

When you buy into a tablet world, you are usually buying into a particular ecosystem. iPad? Get your music and movies from iTunes. Android? Play-store. Sure there are some cross-platform players like Spottify, Netflix, even Amazon, but these are all ecosystems in their own right too.

What I like about the Surface (and Windows RT), is that at least behind the scenes you can still browse files and access them either locally, or via your network, and open them regardless of format (some formats are more supported than others of course, but apps can help with that, and the fact that most apps are adopting the 'file picker' approach, and can register file types is a big advantage too).