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Solved External hard drives run on after SP3 power down


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I have two external USB hard drives connected to my SP3 through the brick dock (not the docking station). When I turn off the SP3, the hard drives continue to run on the dock power. How does one get them to shut down and stay down? I would have thought they would shut down when I shut down the SP3.

Appreciate any help... I tried a search here, but apparently I didn't hit the right key words.
Never mind... now that I wrote this post, a relevant earlier post popped up in similar threads. I have my answer.

thread: USB power on dock after shut down

Based on what I presume is someone else's expertise as discussed in the reference thread, the Surface dock 'brick' apparently functions as a powered USB hub... the power to the USB drives doesn't shut down as long as the dock is plugged into a power source. I assumed that the dock should shut things down when the computer is shut down. It does not because the dock functions as a powered hub and does not take a power shut off command from the computer.

I guess... that's how I interpreted it anyway. That make sense?