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External USB 3.0 Hardrive (seagate 1tb) Problems


Tried having an External Hardrive 3.0 but it keeps on disconnecting/connecting all of the time, at first it was clear that it was a power surge so now I have the surface dock with a Y cable to give a power supply to the Hardrive so it cant be power, it just randomly disconnects even nothing is happening

Some people seem to suggest turning off the windows USB 'Sleep' feature in Device Manager but there is no such option on the surface.

Any ideas?


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I can't comment on the seagate drive, but i use a 1tb WD passport drive with my S3 and it works absolutely fine, have not had to change any setting or use a y splitter etc.


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What is the model of the external drive? Does it have a separate power input (usually round plug)?

From your description it behaves like it's not getting enough power or it's intermittent. Any chance the Y cable is bad? Can you try a powered USB hub? Use a quality (Anker) USB cable.

Any other drives available to help isolate if its perhaps the Port, or the Drive?

Does this drive work correctly on another computer using the same cable?


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I agree with GreyFox. I regularly use a Toshiba 1TB drive with my SP3. It works fine when directly connected to the Surface, but never when connected through a USB port. I haven't tried a powered USB port since I now use a BT mouse and don't need to connect two USB devices to the Surface.


Its a Seagate 1TB ultra slim back up plus - strangely it was working fine when transferring files etc, however when idle it tends to disconnect/connect.

I use a Seagate 2TB portable HDD with my S3, and have never had a problem. I have back-ups, software installation files, music and downloaded movies, and not once has it caused a problem.

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