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External VGA monitor not working through Dock

Hi, folks. I have the SP4 i7 16 GB model and the new Microsoft Dock. I have a Cable Matters MiniDP adapter that allows me to connect an old VGA monitor to my SP4. As soon as I connect the adapter and cable directly to the DP port on the SP4 it works fine, the way it's supposed to. But when I plug the cable into either of the DP ports on the Dock nothing happens. The Surface does not detect any external monitors and there's nothing I can do to make it see the VGA monitor.

Everything else is working fine on the Dock, my USB drives, power, iPhone, iPod, etc., so I don't think it's the Dock. Although one thing I do notice is with previous Surfaces I've used, the audio did not come through the Surface speakers when the Dock was plugged in (I never tried plugging audio into the Dock but I assumed that would've worked fine). But with my new SP4 the audio always continues coming through the SP4 speakers or earphones plugged into the SP4 and not, apparently, through the Dock.

Any ideas on why the monitor may not be working through the Dock?

Thanks very much!