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Extremely slow download of 8.1 on desktop but it whizzed right in on Surface Pro

Arizona Willie

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I am trying to download 8.1 on my desktop and it takes about half an hour to get 1% but my Surface downloaded and installed in very fast!!

Are there different versions for tablets and desktop computers?

Do they come from different servers?

I have tried shutting down and re-starting since it is only in the download stage. Figured it wouldn't hurt if it had to start over on downloading but it recognizes I was already downloading it and tries to resume the old slow slow download.

At this rate it will take 24 hours or more to download 8.1 :(
But the Surface downloaded and installed in 30 - 45 minutes.
Arizona Willie

Arizona Willie

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I tried cancelling the download and when I went to start it again it seemed to pause and then recognized that it was partially downloaded and < appeared > to have resumed where I cancelled it.

Strange thing is, I started the desktop computer downloading and then went to my Surface Pro and it downloaded and installed it at the same time via the router and modem very very fast!!
That's what made me wonder if it checks and finds a Surface if it downloads from another server.

I can understand Microsoft being hammered with people wanting 8.1 but I don't understand why the Surface would download it so fast while the desktop creeps along.
I went to speedtest.net with the desktop and it verified that I'm < supposedly > getting 30 Mbps download but it certainly isn't on the update.
It must be connected to a different server than the Surface connected to I would think in order for one to be so fast and the other so slow.
It would be logical if the desktop was faster than the Surface but not the other way around.

Maybe try restarting the download? Or waiting a few days? MS's servers are no doubt getting hammered right now.


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The update on my pro and RT seem to be going slow. The RT being the slowest. I wish they would hurry up. IM ready to try this new update out.
I'm going take a wild guess and say there are a lot of us trying to download at the same time. It worked quickly on my desktop early this morning. It's taken hours for my Surface Pro and the progress bar has barely made it 20%.

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I cancelled my pro and rt installation. Then restarting them improved the downloads speeds greatly. My pro is on 8.1 now. The rt is on the installation process. Worth a try of cancelling then restarting.
My Rt Updated relatively Fast. All in all, I was on Windows 8.1 rt within about 2 hours or so...

However I tried to update my windows 8 laptop and at 2 PM is when I started the download....I had sort of forgotten that I even began the download so tell me why at nearly 11 pm my laptop is only at 50 percent.

Needless to say I cancelled it.