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Slow Wi-Fi Download Speeds, but Upload Speeds OK?


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Ok, it literally just happened to me just now. I was reading this thread and decided to run the SpeedTest app by Ookla to see if I was experiencing the slow 20mbps download issue when I should be getting 250mbps. I ran the test and the needle was pegged at 20mbps throughout the test. I clicked the wifi icon in the system tray after the test completed and I clicked the square blue "wifi" button and it went black signifying Wifi was just turned off on my Surface Pro 6. I waited 15 seconds and clicked the wifi icon in the system tray again and click the (now black) wifi button and it turned blue. My wifi then connected successfully to my home network. I go back to the SpeedTest Ookla app and click "Go". IMMEDIATELY the needle is pegged at 230mbps+ and completes the test. I attached a screenshot of the test results below.



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Hm.. I do appreciate the replies, but I tried the strategy and, well.. see below. I found using my laptop which is getting 50 Mbps (right behind me) as a hotspot is the best way to work around it right now. Doesn't that imply that my SonicWall / Unifi AP doesn't like something about the SPs Marvell NICs? If it's perfectly capable of getting 20-30 Mbps download when connected to a hotspot connected to the same network?

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