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Failure Configuring Windows Updates


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Just bought a Surface Pro (1st gen) and the first thing after setting up I did was to check for windows updates. After downloading and restarting it gets to installation but after about 70% it says 'failure configuring windows updates. Reverting changes'. I've tried 3 times now to install updates and I've had to reset the surface to factory settings because once I get the updates fail screen I can never get back into the logon screen.

Please help!!

(obviously I need to install these updates to get 8.1 and I can't just keep 8 because a lot of apps now require 8.1 to work)


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Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear about you update problems. I'm not sure what to tell you to try. I would take it to the Microsoft Store and see if one of their techs can try doing the update in the store. Be sure and take your power chord with you. You should always do updates with the charger connected. If you have the possibility to do so, I would try connecting your Surface via an Ethernet cable to your router and try doing the update via hard wire.


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Were you in the Windows Update Console and clicked install and or retry???

I have seen this type of thing happen with a lot of updates particularly and what seems to work is to do a shutdown and install or install an shutdown what ever it says.


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I was in a similar position last week when I was updating my Surface Pro 128gb. It was my 4th attempt before the general updates worked and then my 3rd attempt before Windows 8.1 finally loaded. I would persevere a few more times before taking it to a store for them to look at.


Can someone tell me what specific update needs to be installed in order to be able to update to 8.1 from the store app. I recall installing a certain update and it allowed me to do so. I am having an issue as the OP where it keeps reverting during the update after a reset so I am hoping to install just the one of two updates.