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Black Screen on Login? (DIFFERENT!)


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A lot of people are getting a black screen after updating to 8.1, but I had no problems getting to 8.1. I was foolishly looking around and tried to install a skin pack that was supposed to be compatible with windows 7/8, and after I downloaded and installed it I had to restart my Surface Pro 128 GB and upon logging in on restart I only get a black screen. I don't have a cover for it, and I only bought it yesterday. PLEASE HELP!
I've tried every solution on the internet I swear!

Tried pressing shift (or the arrow since its touch screen keyboard) while restarting
I don't have a recovery image and you can't find one anywhere on the internet
Tried making a bootable windows 8 USB HDD



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not sure if this would work but if you can get it to a projector and plug it in. see if it was skinned across all 'extended screens' which i doubt
give it a shot im not sure it will work though.
good luck

also try booting it into safe mode like you would do with a jailbroken ios device.
http://pcsupport.about.com/od/windows-8/ss/windows-8-safe-mode.htm<thats how to do it
i could give you a recovery image if you want
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