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Favorite 3rd party docking stations?


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A SP3 is in my future, but it will be replacing a desktop not a laptop. Mouse, keyboard, at least one external HDD (USB3), cabled internet, audio connections, and dual monitor are my requirements. I know the Microsoft Docking station will work for my needs, except that I'll have to use the displayport on the SP3 for one of my external monitors. Any other recommendations out there?
I use a Targus USB 3.0 Docking station that runs DisplayLink software. I only need to plug in the USB plug and the dock connects to the monitor via either VGA or HDMI. It also has several powered USB 3.0 ports and a couple of standard USB 2.0 ports. Also includes an audio port and ethernet port. I like it because I do not need to use my display port adapter and leave it in my bag for doing presentations outside of my office.

The other thing I like about it is that I can use it for other computers as well versus being restricted to just the Surface.



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AFAIK the only options are all USB docking stations. Pluggable, Targus, Anker ...
Make sure to get a USB3.0 one if you go this way.
I'm using the Targus because it lies flat vs vertical like the Pluggable.

I previously had a USB 2.0 Pluggable I used with my laptop and sometimes it would topple over which was my only complaint. Otherwise anything that uses UD-3900 chipset supports two external displays and UD-3000 supports one external display. Some other units may not support as high of monitor resolution.

There is a newer chipset out or coming DL-5000/5700/5900 but I haven't seen anything in the marketplace using it yet, maybe by end of year or early 2015.


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Lenovo makes a seemingly decent USB dock as well...
Lenovo used to sell a USB 2.0 dock that looked identical to the Pluggable Dock which I assume was in fact the same dock just rebrandeded. Now they sell one that looks like a brick, probably a Pluggable in a different case that doesn't fall over :)

In any case almost all of them use DisplayLink technology and the DisplayLink Chipset/DisplayLink drivers. There are a few exceptions which I think I would avoid.


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The Microsoft dock is super nice and one of the best features of the SP3. In my mind it would be hard to justify purchasing anything else.