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Finally, Surface Pen Button Remapping (Not from Microsoft)


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I push things even further, i will make a "Express keys" like wacom cintiq and i have six custom kyes
Any remap key ,or combination of keys is possibile, sure it'look messy and wierd now ,but is only the prototype and is working smoothly in zbrush or ps in combination with radial menu from http://radialmenu.weebly.com/ for pen.

The behavior is like wacom cintiq companion and i believe surface pro 3 has better hardware. I own both of them and sure cintiq is more profesional but is not so portable ,i mean surface is light and now with my express keys is no diference in usage between surface and companion.

This is a preview of prototype,and i return here after i finish this project hardware and software remap.
If you want more information please leave a message.


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I liked this but had issues it would take over the top of the screen and when opening an app or window to full size they wouldn't go above the bottom of the toolbar leaving the top third of my screen "open"


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Actually it stay on top the black border of tablet and can be movable to side when is needed because the device has magnetic bond and is fully removable and it is wirelles, i use a low energy bluetooth module for this project. Sure with device atached original keyboard can be used but cannot fully close to screen, but the device is mean to be used without keyboard, and is ugly now ,i know , but is only a prototype.


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Sorry Sergio I was talking about a bug with radialwheel software above.

I actually really like your physical button idea, if that were a thin strip could be great.


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Sergio - I would kickstart the HE#CK outta this...I know about 30 other artists who would love this as well. PLEASE let em know if you move forward with this. I do have a few questions:
1) Is the ButtonBar application aware? In other words, if I change from Solidworks to Photoshop does it change the function of the buttons?
2) You said wireless / lowpower BT right? Just confirming...
3) Do you need any 3D CAD / Design / Solidworks engineering for the housing? If it would speed things up I'm willing to make 3D prints of cases for ya. I design toys / FX / props for a living.. :)

Good luck and keep us informed!



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this made me think doesn't a Bluetooth button already exist.

yen the Saatchi but not the right form for this at all it would be very interesting to add on to attach you could have that stocky backing that still peels of like they use to hold a phone on a car dashboard.


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1. Actually i work on the software side of the device to make it more userfriendly and to allow to remap the buttons on the fly just like the wacom software does, I map Ctrl,alt shift,tab and space because is the keys most used in zbrush but in future i can make to be software specific .Now i use in combination with radial menu from weebly because i can remap the pen buttons to do exactly like wacom pen do.

2. Yes is wirelles(BT) because i don t want to make modification in tablet and i design a magnetic bond solution that allow the device to be moved in landscape and also in portait mode easyly
3.Yes this project need a case after all and now is ugly , i now,but it will do the job done.

Sure there is things to do and one of them is to make the keys that stick on the black stripe of the screen more slick and sleeve,but for a functional model now i am happy to use that thing when i am on the move or trip or something.

I will make a video to see it in action soon.
For more details if you are interested drop me an email,i am open for suggestion about design the keys or any ideea can be used to make this project final.

We can work on this!


To respond to your questions some answer you already found above and yes, i agree the button now is not looking good but is the thing i found quickly in electronic store near me, call me lazy :))
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