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Fixing a scratch


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A scratch has appeared in the lower left corner of the screen on my SP2. I can only see it with the screen off or when the keyboard is up. Its really smaller than the period on the on screen keyboard, but it bothers me. Anyone known of a fix? Its purely cosmetic, and wouldn't want it to potentially effect resale or trade in value.


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Interesting advice... personally I couldn't bring myself to do anything like that. Could you use a screen protector?


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Did you purchase the warranty? If so, just smash it with a hammer and ask for a new one.

Haha, yup! I got a scratch too, but too soon to shell out $50 for replacement 1 of 2! The guy at the MS store said I could smash it over my knee and get it replaced.


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Like Kayzee said, add a screen protector and it will likely cover the scratch so you don't notice it...and prevent new scratches.