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Any way to fix mark on glass


My wife tossed a remote to our daughter over the weekend and it hit my Surface book. It put a small mark on the glass. It isn't a scratch - it's more like a slight mar. You can really only see it when you hold it at an angle and let light reflect off the screen. I was wondering if this has ever happened to anyone and if there was anyway to fix it. Polishing maybe?


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I have removed scratches from an iPhone screen with a cotton swab and (non-gel) toothpaste. The risk is that a small disturbed zone could become a larger zone which is not as glossy as the rest of the screen.

Or, just a LITTLE work removes the sharp edges from around the little crevice, making it far less noticeable.

Or, just consider it an artifact and a souvenir from a lovely wife and daughter.

Wayne Orwig

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You can try toothpaste or another slight polish like that. BUT, if there is an anti-reflective coating on the glass ( I don't think there is ) it may result in more damage then you started with.


Thanks for the advice. I am probably going to just let it alone. It isn't noticeable unless the screen is pure white or turned off and angled for light to reflect off it.