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French Accents on SP6 Keyboard Cover



Follow the advice from the following link.


I've just tried it with my SP4 and it works absolutely fine (even if it is a rather slow process when typing, although that's probably because I don't do it regularly)
For the record, here is the table listing the keystrokes:

é , as in médecin Ctrl-'
è, as in très Ctrl-`
ê, as in forêt Ctrl-Shift-^
ç, as in Français Ctrl-,
ï, as in Jamaïque Ctrl-Shift-:

An other alternative is to switch keyboard selecrtion to CMS (Canadian Multilingual Standard)
The table shows on the left side the CMS and the ENG/US equivalent after the equal sign.

à = \
À =|
ç =]
Ç =}
ê =[e
Ê =[E
ë =ctrl;e
Ë = ctrl;E
è ='
È ="
é =/
É =?
ï =ctrl;i
Ï =ctrl;I
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