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FS: SurfaceBook i7/256GB/8GB/dGPU


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In my scramble to purchase a SurfaceBook when they were first released and in short supply, I actually managed to end up with *two* SB's. One i5 and one i7. I purchased the i7 from my local Microsoft store. I don't need both of these devices, and I was evaluating them to decide which one to keep. I have decided to keep the i5, but unfortunately I waited too long and have passed the 30-day return window on the i7 by a few days. Ouch. So I have decided to sell the i7 to hopefully recover a fair portion of my initial cost.

The unit has been opened and booted, and I probably have a couple/few hours of use on it at most. Just light usage (e.g., web browsing, etc.). I have now reset the device back to its factory default. It comes with everything included in the retail packaging, including the power adapter and pen. I even have a slim Brenthaven carrying case that came with the Microsoft "bundle" that I purchased. It is in perfect, as new, condition.

I paid $2,099 MSRP, plus local sales tax, but given that the item has been opened and very slightly used, I am willing to offer a fair discount. I'd like to recover about $1,850 of my initial cost, so that's a $250 discount off the new price, which seems fair to me. But I'm willing to entertain other offers. This could be a great deal for someone looking to save a few bucks on what is, for all practical purposes, a brand new device.

I'm located in Las Vegas, so if you happen to be in the area, I'd be happy to meet you at a Starbucks or whatever so you can check out the device for yourself prior to purchase.

email: bmclaurin at fmailbox dot com