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SOLD **** WTT/FS Surface Book i7 for Surface Pro 4 or $1700


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I have a Surface Book purchased 4-1-2016, UAG case and Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse. Below is the invoice that shows the specs of the one I am trading. It has been lightly used and shows no scratches or signs of use what so ever. It has had a screen protector and bamboo skin on it since it was purchased. It will come in the original Microsoft box packed up just like it came from Microsoft. I received a faculty discount on it when it was purchased. Im aware this is less expensive now but when I configured the same one today on the Microsoft Store site it came out to 2525. The infrequent use was done at home. I am getting rid of this because I want something smaller to travel with.

Now for sale $ 1700 or trade for new Surface Pro 4 (loaded i7)

Im not sure how to facilitate a trade like this. My 10+ year seller rating online is perfect with e bay and you can find out a lot about me online through Linked In. Im in North Georgia about an hour north of the airport.

INvoice from the one i am trading. 20161224_075326.png
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Here is a link to the photos of the laptop and accessories on my google drive. I immediately put a bamboo skin on it and screen protector when I received it. I will probably take them off to prove its in perfect condition.

I know this is a first post on here and I would normally ignore people selling something on a first post but I can prove my identity and figure out a way to ensure the transaction is safe. My user name on the big auction site is schutzhunddog. Is going to be auctioned if I cant find a buyer locally or through this forum.