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FS: Type Cover 2, Manvex Leather Case, 1xTech Armor Screen Protector


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Hi All--

I ended up returning my SP2 and have some accessories I need to sell. I'd prefer to bundle all together so here it is:

1) Type Cover 2 (black) - Virtually mint condition in original box w/manuals etc. I used this maybe 2-3 times at home and ended up not needing it as much as I thought I would. Received in Dec 2013 so I believe it is still under warranty. No ugly blemishes or finger sweat included! :)

2) Manvex Leather Case - Tan color, no blemishes. You can lookup details on Amazon. I ended up liking it a lot more than I thought - fits with TypeCover2 attached as well.

3) I have ONE Tech Armor screen protector (for SP2) from a set of 2; including it in. In original box and plastic sleeve. I prefer these over the Zagg ones I've used before (smoother/glass like) but it's personal preference.

For all 3 items - $80 + shipping sounds fair.

Will do PayPal. Please PM if interested.


Edit: Having issues uploading pics - I can email if interested.
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