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FYI - Restore Disk Error


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Hey everyone. Today I set out to create a custom Win8 image for my Surface following the post here - Surface Pro: Dump the Factory Image. It?s for the Best. | CRASHCTRL
The first thing I did was to make a back up of my factory restore partition. At the end of the process, it asks you if you want to delete your recovery partition. I of course said yes since the process said it was complete. I immediately tried to boot to the USB drive to test it out but I received an error that my recovery disk was corrupt. To say I was a little ticked since I had just deleted the partition was an understatement.

Well, I essentially spent all day in a chat session with MS. I tried making multiple recovery disks with multiple USB drives. I bought a new USB drive, made a restore disk with Macrium that worked, then tried to make a MS restore disk on it that didn't work, then retried Macrium only to find that it no longer worked!

Well, at the end of the day, I finally found that the problem was the mSD card. If you remove that, the restore disks work. If you have it in, the BCD is pointing to the wrong place.

Morale of the story is to remove your mSD card before trying to boot to a USB drive.


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Adam Orion here from CrashCtrl. Glad it ended up working for you! You can always post any follow-ups or tips at CrashCtrl as well for any who happen to pass through and find themselves in the same boat.



Thank you sooooooo much for your post. I was pulling my hair out with Macrium and my SP, getting errors on USB boot. Saw your post and it worked perfectly. I am real happy when people share the knowledge, especially when it's not documented anywhere. Thanks again, you made my day!


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Yep, what a PITA though man, sorry you had to experience that first hand... I could have saved you a day.