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Gaming on the Surface Book


People have been comparing the GPU to the 94oM but tests have shown that it fares slightly better.

CNET just posted a good article about it's gaming capabilities: Gaming on the Surface Book: What you need to know - CNET

He concludes that he "would not recommend buying the Surface Book specifically as a gaming machine, but if you invest in one as a powerful new 13-inch premium laptop, both its gaming abilities and part-time hybrid design are valuable extra features to have."


Personally im a bit disappointed with the Dgpu, sure its decent and can game but for the price you pay expected a bit more GPU power.
Not sure how much thermals went into the decision process but im sure it did, they could have made the keyboard dock slightly thicker to add better cooling (not that the current GPU gets hot but to add a better Dgpu) and maybe a bigger battery .
Yes I would sacrifice some weight savings to have a bit more power any day.