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Surface Book 3 Suddenly stops playing flight sim


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I have enjoyed my Surface Book 3 since June, and it's been running great. I've even played Star Wars Squadrons and X-Plane 11 with my joystick and throttle and it's been running fine! That is, until about 2 weeks ago. None of my settings changed, but suddenly it can't hold the FPS above 20 for anything. Squadrons won't even load and anytime I try to actually fly, it crashes. How can my computer go from successfully running these games no problem to suddenly crapping out? I also tried a hard reset of my computer and running the games off of an external 1TB hard drive. Same thing. My XPlane11 can't run even at low settings and Squadrons hiccups terribly and crashes when I try to fly.
Any and all help is welcome.


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Have you checked if the gtx card is still recognized? the easiest way is to check the device manager and if so if the gtx is selected as gpu for the game. i had it more often that the gtx is not recognized, usually helped cleaning the connector contacts...