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Geekbench 3 poor scores


Hey everyone,
Well ever since I upgraded to windows 10 I always felt this sp3 i7 256gb model runs slower.....and even now is very sluggish...I downloaded geekbench 3 and ran the tests and compared to other models. I saw other i5 models scoring higher than my i7. The i3 scores were not that close but my i7 was getting roasted by i5 models. Also my cpu was clocked at 2.25 while others had it upto 2.29. Any recommendations to speed up this machine? Thanks!


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Look at what else you have running. Start up programs... are they really needed. look that the top CPU users wit Task Manager and Resource Monitor, you may have a process consuming excess resources.
Sometimes drivers can cause excess system interrupts.

You could always to a RESET and retest afterwards although you need to give some time for normal maint tasks to complete after that.

If reinstalling is a huge deal but you want to find out if there's an issue with you software stack. Make an Image with Macrium Reflect (it works on a Surface without having to disable anything) of your current state. Then Reset and test. Then you can restore the Image.