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getting anew touch cover


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I hope this is the right forum. please move if need be.

I have a black touch cover. I really wanted the blue, but at the time they were selling only black with the 64GB. (A month later they aloud you to choose! That pissed me off!) haha Anyways, I heard so many peope had wires being exposed on their covers. Mine has't opened up yet but I see its starting to get wrinkled pretty darn good. The wrinkles don't really bother me too much.

BUT, when it does finaly crack and wires start to show. When I exchange it, can I get a different color? They are the same price now. And I really want the neopriane back as the ground of Microsoft headquaters carpet doesn't take to Chinese dirty trains very well. Plus the back shows hand oils BADLY.

Another thing. I am an American, bought it at a best buy in my hometown but I live in China. I only go home for Christmas. How long are they exchanging bad covers for? And can I exchane anywhere? or just the place I bought it with the receipt? They sell them here in China but I am wondering if they would take an exchange here in China.