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Ghost or Image Surface Pro


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I'd like to do a complete backup and restore of my Surface Pro, does Norton ghost work on the pro or do you recommend some other software to accomplish this?

Can this be done to a USB drive?




I like using Acronis for a complete disk image, Seagate also uses a cloning software which is free and its powered by Acronis.
Acronis ifs kinda pricey if you are only gonna use it a few times, on the other hand seagates version is free.
The catch with the Seagate version is that you need to have a Seagate hard drive hooked up to your machine to start the cloning process. which would be perfect if you were going to copy your image onto a segate hd. or you could use a usb hub and have your flash drive as the backup destination and the seagate hd on the just to initiate the program.

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okay thanks, I'll give Acronis a try, any links/suggestions on how to do this for the surface pro? or does Acronis have a help area for the surface pro?