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Cloning a Surface Pro?


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Hi, I have my Surface Pro all tweaked out with no bought software on it yet (lot's of free stuff installed), my wife's dad just bought a Surface Pro, he'd like to have it configured exactly like mine. So what I'd like to do it basically copy the HD from my Pro to his Pro.

If these were PC's, I'd make an image of the c:\drive using Norton Ghost, then Ghost that image to PC#2, how can I do this for 2 Surface Pro's please?




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The Surface Pro is a PC, in Tablet form; there is a C: drive; etc.

I use Acronis TrueImage to take full system images, not to clone, but to restore. As with any system image backup software, you will need to test to make sure that it can truly take that full system image and then restore/clone it on your target machine.

Even before I had the Surface Pro, I had numerous issues finding the right software that would be able to make that complete system backup and flawlessly restore. Software that worked on one PC didn't work my new PC (e.g., because of the hardware/disk configuration).

They're supposed to be rebranding Ghost, so I'm not sure if it supports Windows 8, but no matter the software, just check and test.

The Surface Pro is running Windows 8 Pro, so you can test and evaluate software as you would on any other PC.


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The Surface Pro is a PC, in Tablet form; there is a C: drive; etc.
Yeah, but I guess I'm wondering how I can boot to the Ghost (or other software) OS to perform the restore? Should I get a USB DVD drive or can I boot from the USB for the Surface Pro... or is there another way? I've only ever booted an OS from a HD or DVD Rom drive...


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Hi Vanz you can boot from USB or connected optical media. Try a search in the forum since this topic has been covered extensively and you will need to take consideration of the secure boot/UEFI issues to ensure you can properly boot and restore.

Here are a couple of links to get you started.


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