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[GIVEAWAY] Pen, Sleeve and Micro SD

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What a better way to kick off April Fools than a legitimate giveaway right? Don't know how we make that jump but lets run with it. Yes folks, we are actually going to be giving away three (3) cool little gifts to one (1) lucky winner and it is not an April Fools Joke. What do we have on tap for the giveaway? How about a Surface Pen, ProStyle™ Sleeve, and a Sandisk Ultra 32GB Class 10 Micro SD Card with SD Adapter! Now that's a pretty nifty little giveaway.

Now the big question, how do you enter to get a chance at winning one of these prizes? Share a list of your top three paid/unpaid apps on your Surface Tablet. Thats it? Yes, that it!! The contest will close this Monday, April 8 at 12:00PM Central. The winner will be chosen at random later that day.

Do not wait any longer, enter today! Good luck!
Sweet! Here are my three favorite apps:

1. Backgrounds Wallpapers HD - Free
2. Chess by Post - Free
3. Reckless Racing Ultimate
Top three paid:
1. Maps Pro
2. Star Chart
3. PDF Touch

Top three free:
1. Fresh Paint
2. OneNote
3. Twitter
(Free) Windows journal, One Note, News Bento. (Paid) Tweetro +, Decor8, Fruit Ninja
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Some different stuff.

1. Toolbox
2. Chuck Norris Facts
3. Flight Aware
4. Digital Nightstand
6. Great Windows Apps
7. PC Benchmark
8. Pegs n' Holes
9. I am Word Clock
10. Calendar Live Tile
11. XKCD Reader
12. photobucket

4 x times the requested fun!!!!