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GoSmart 200 and 300


Just submitted a query to GoSmart on compatibility with the surface. Will post when I get something. The only info on their site is for iPad's.


Just got a reply back from Go Smart> Not testing. "We have not had a chance to test it on this new device. We did a quick review and we noticed that other people have been using Stylus's on this device but I do not think a Stylus would work very well on this device as the screen is in the up position and will most likely increase some type of wrist pain after use but if you just wanted wanted to put our signature on a document it would be fine and yes our Stylus would work on it but as I mentioned we have not had a chance to test it on this device yet,

Here is a link below that I found where people are testing the tablet with a Stylus.

MIcrososft Surface RT with Stylus - YouTube " I went out to the youtube link and could only find "captive type pens" no surprise here as the Surface does not have "Stylus" support needs a digitizer for that. If you need a stylus you may need the Surface Pro it includes the stylus pen.


That's a bit of an odd answer, seems they looked at a picture of the Surface with the kickstand and are imagining using the stylus in that position. I don't see why it would not work, their product is for capacitive screens not digitizer and it competes with the Jot which is also for capacitive screens.


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I agree their response seems like they want to push people away from even trying. Don't see why it wouldn't work, just curious how it compares.


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I have this in my amazon cart for a while already, maybe I should just pull the trigger...
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I added one to my cart as well. I have a few things I want and this might replace the Jot I had in my cart previously. I've never used a stylus since Windows Mobile and Palm and those where just pointy plastic sticks. Really curious how I can use my Surface for sketching and general note taking.


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Keep in mind that Palm Rejection is non-existent so you'll need to hover and write or you can do what I do and use a glove for palm rejection.


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It's more curiosity on my part than a real need. So no problem here if I need to learn a bit of technique. I realize that the experience will never match a digitizer, but still want to play around.


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I ordered a GoSmart 300 Series. Can't wait for it to arrive, so I can play around. I don't really have a need for a stylus but figured it would fun to playing around with and do a little drawing, etc.
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