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Upgrade RAM on Surface Pro 5


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I had a Surface Pro 4, 16GB i7. I had a repair shop replace the battery because it was bulging so badly that it split the display from the frame.

The repair person said that there was something wrong with the power supply hardware because it will not recharge the new battery. He tried another new battery and the problem still happened. He swapped the motherboard to another Surface Pro and he narrowed the problem down to the motherboard.

I don't know if the repair technician broke something or the motherboard went bad. The Surface Pro was working when I turned it in for the battery replacement. The result is that the Surface Pro 4 is now bricked.

I can get a used replacement from Microsoft for $600.

But I found a used Surface Pro 5 on EBay for $300. It only has 4GB RAM though.

So my question is, is it possible to buy spare RAM, then have them installed on the motherboard to increase the RAM size?