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Got My Surface Last Night...


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So as some of all know, I had a 32 gig Surface that I returned and immediately missed like crazy. I have a iPad3, so it wasn't that I was missing a tablet form factor. More because I do a lot of email, word and OneNote and this thing is really awesome for inputting data as opposed to consuming it. iPad3 is great for web surfing, but the Surface is really awesome for a bunch of things.

So I decided that this time I was going for the 64 gig, as I wanted the room for apps. But the MS store is almost an hour from my house, so the big trick is during the holidays when am I going to make time to get over there and get this done?

So last night my wife and I put the kids to sleep, and its only 7:30pm. Im like "Im thinking about running out for my Surface." She says "I think you should. Go big or go home." (My wife is totally cool by the way, and supports my gadget habit.)

So I throw a couple of podcasts on my phone real quick for the drive, and head out. I notice that I need gas, and after filling up I have exactly 60 minutes to drive 55 miles before they close. And its raining...HARD. About half way there I start to panic, realizing that I never even called to check stock on the 64 gig, and realizing that I probably wouldn't get there before they close.

I abandon the podcast for ACDC (that's what Tony Stark would do) and I stop looking at the clock all together. I motor into the parking lot, park in the first spot I find and head inside the mall at a dead run. I run inside the Microsoft store, and look down at my watch to find that its 8:58pm (they close at 9). The place was packed to overflowing (this was Valley Fair mall in Santa Clara btw). There must have been 30 people looking at the Surface, another 15-20 crowding around the Nokia 920 and the Samsung 8x, and a whole bunch of people back in the Xbox corner. Most people I have ever seen at the MS store by far.

Doesn't stop someone from spotting the panic on my face (I probably looked like some kinda drug addict all freaking out) and he goes right to the back and brings out my new Surface. I added a Ogio Consul case, and an Incipio Inscribe Pro stylus. The rep at MS gave me ten dollars off the bag, and a 25 dollar discount coupon while ringing me up. I swipe, grab my haul and head out the door.

Oddly enough, there was NO rain the entire way home. Bizarre. I hit up a 7/11 for road caffine and got home last night about 10:30. My wife was stoked for me and wanted to see all the gear.

If she knew the monsoon I drove through to get this thing, she would slap me in the forehead but it all worked out okay.

When I opened it up this morning and started setting it up, I thought back to the ACDC from last night that got me there just in time. I named my Surface "MkIV"...after the red suit. Iron Man fans understand!

By the way, wrote all this on the touch cover of the MKIV. :excited: