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Hello from Denver, just bought my Surface on Sunday 2nd already had to get a new one!


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Just picked up my 32 gig Surface on Sunday (2nd). I've been following this forum for about a month before I decided to take the plunge and get one. When I went home on Sunday night I did all of the updates that Microsoft had available for the Surface. This also included updating the Office suite included. The next day I downloaded the ESPN app and the Netflix app, and also the Box storage app. After those 3 apps I went into the setting and it showed that I had 12.8 gig free remaining! I was like damn, I know those 3 apps and the updates to Office and the firmware updates didn't take 2 gigs of memory? If I remembered correctly I had approx. 15.9 gigs of free space before all of the updates? So I went back to the mall where I bought the Surface and I showed the guys how much storage I had left and they were baffled? They couldn't figure out why I only had 12.8 gigs left after only 3 apps and the updates to the Surface. So after about an hour of messing with my Surface they decided to just exchange it for another one. They didn't want me to leave the store until I had finished updating all of the updates and the apps that I had downloaded the day before so they could compare a new one to see if the storage situation was the same or different. After I downloaded all of the updates and the updates to Office and the 3 apps, the remaining storage was 14.8, so there was a 2 gig difference between the 2 Surfaces? Crazy huh? They chalked it up to maybe a faulty partition on the SSD? Anybody else have issues with memory space once they got their Surfaces?

With all that said I Love my Surface and realize that it's in its own category for tablet hybrids, and not to be compared to others, because there are no others out there like the Surface, it's in a league of its own.