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Got My Surface Yesterday, Check What I Am Doing With It


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Hi there, I am new, and this is the first time that I am super fascinated and passionate about any product. Microsoft has put every sweat and muscle into making every inch of this product.

This is what I have done:

Full blown desktop, with mouse, printer, and keyboard attached.

When I am outside, I have kickstand plus touch cover to give me a lite desktop experience.

When I am in my bed, I get a text-book like reading style tablet. Very light, although not as light as my Kindle Fire HD, but it can organize pdf files better.


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Welcome to the forum
Look great.. :)

When this will be available at my Country :banghead:


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1:20 same thing I was thinking. Good choice of video :D Can you try with "Imma be" the full 10 minute version? I have found this to be a good test of video capabilities.


Try on full HD resolution settings and please let us know if the there are any glitches with video or sound.